Perform your own version of The Little Mermaid

Every Christmas at Middle Child we produce an alternative rock’n’roll pantomime for the people of Hull. It’s loud, silly and fun for all the family. With the whole country now in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and millions of children (and adults) demanding attention and entertainment, we thought we’d make our most recent panto available to the public – to perform at home!

So say hello to our first ever DIY panto. On this mini-site you will find the original script from The Little Mermaid, which we performed in Hull in December 2019, alongside some resources to stage it yourself. These include a list of props to scavenge or craft, a playlist of music that featured in the show, a guide to all of the characters and their costumes and a template to write your own script.

Do with it as you please: read it, draw it, perform it, whatever comes to mind. We just hope it raises some smiles at home over the next few weeks. The only thing we ask in return is that you share your fun with us on social media, if you would like to, by tagging @middlechildhull on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and using the hashtag #DIYpanto.

Work your way through each of the sections in the step-by-step guide, listed below, to get inspiration and ideas to stage The Little Mermaid yourself. Alternatively you can jump straight to downloading the script and a shorter, accompanying, guide book from the downloads section.


The Little Mermaid - Script (PDF)

This script is not to be used for commercial performances.

Step-by-Step Guide

Herman Hermit in The Little Mermaid
Using the Script
Steve Prince in The Little Mermaid
Performance Checklist
Musical Mollusc in The Little Mermaid
Ursula in The Little Mermaid
Ariel in The Little Mermaid
Characters and Costumes
Pattie Breadcake in The Little Mermaid
Panto Rules
Chips Breadcake in The Little Mermaid
Write Your Own

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We are currently raising crisis funds to support freelance Hull artists who have lost work because of the coronavirus pandemic. If you have enjoyed our DIY Panto and are able to, we would hugely appreciate any donations that you can make.

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