We are Middle Child, theatre that makes a noise.

We are a Hull-based company creating gig theatre that brings people together for a good night out with big ideas. We tell untold stories which capture the electrifying moment when the beat drops, mixing original live music with bold new writing. Our events are live and loud, making sense of the modern world.

We are committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that theatre is affordable and accessible for all. We will set fire to your expectations of what a night at the theatre can be.

Our artist development programme, Reverb, ensures that artists in Hull are given top-class development opportunities across disciplines, without having to leave the city.

We are an Arts Council England national portfolio organisation and an associate company of Paines Plough, supported by Absolutely Cultured, Goodwin Development Trust and Hull City Council.

There is a disconnect between an industry predominantly based in metropolitan areas and those who feel unheard, those who never go to the theatre, who think it’s not for them, or who have no access. Middle Child is the kind of company that can bridge the gap.

Lyn Gardner

What is gig theatre?

For us it’s not just abut putting a guitar on stage but thinking about the whole audience experience. Gigs are live, social experiences that bring people together in a shared space and we acknowledge and play with that.

Direct address features heavily and our audiences are welcome to photograph the show, or go to the bar or the toilet halfway through and catch-up with their friends when they return. We want our fans to feel relaxed, welcome and as much a part of the night as what they see on the stage. In fact, all of our performances are relaxed, meaning that noise and movement is welcome in our audience. For Middle Child, gig theatre is about the entire live experience and setting fire to expectations of what a night at the theatre can be.