Investing in artists living and working in Hull

Middle Child understands how difficult it can be for theatre makers to live and work in Hull, a city at the end of the line that often has to compete with the likes of Leeds, Manchester and London. Reverb, our artist development programme is our commitment to ensuring that artists in Hull are given top-class development opportunities across disciplines without needing to leave the city.

The programme also places artists we are excited about developing at the centre of our own productions. This means that, when working with Middle Child, artists at all stages of their careers will be given opportunities to develop while actually making work, instead of undertaking hypothetical situations.

Much of the programme is diversity-led, working towards a better representation in the stories being told in Hull, the artists who are telling them and the effect that has on audiences in the city. Our new home, Bond 31 on High Street, Hull, features our theatre library, a writing room, hot desking space and rehearsal room, from which the majority of our programme takes place.

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Recover Restart Reimagine Artwork

Recover, Restart and Reimagine

A three week programme that paid 12 theatre workers in Hull to come together to think, breathe and play without the pressure of creating any work, in July 2021.

Participants joined us in Hull for a mix of organised activity and self-led time designed to inspire, stretch and develop, as well as form a support network in the city, as we continue to adjust to making art as we ease out of lockdown.

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