The Canary and the Crow (2019)

"The staging, the performance and the writing makes me truly feel that I am watching the unfolding future of British theatre and it is invigorating"

A Younger Theatre ★★★★★

“The audience was on their feet before the show was even finished in this outstanding piece of politically charged theatre”

The List ★★★★★

"A bouncy show that’s easy to love... it will inspire serious conversations."

Evening Standard ★★★★

WINNER: Best Play for Young Audiences

Writers' Guild Awards

WINNER: 2020

George Devine Award

Us Against Whatever (2019)

"I can’t help feeling that this is exactly the play about Brexit that we need right now, complex, layered and ultimately forgiving"

A Younger Theatre ★★★★★

“A breakneck journey... simultaneously personal and universal”

The Stage ★★★★

"It’s not often you leave a theatre feeling both entertained and wrung-out, but this superb production is one that will linger in the mind for a long time"

Hull Daily Mail

One Life Stand (2018)

“Boundary-breaking buzz... Few shows have captured the conflicting emotions evoked by dating apps and social media. None has done it as stylishly as this.”

The Stage ★★★★

"This year’s Fringe surely bears few more evocative reflections of life as a British twentysomething in 2018 than One Life Stand"

The Scotsman ★★★★

"Nicol’s text is sort of dreamlike; it captures moments and they’re gone in a blink... And with James Frewer and Honeyblood’s music, you can just completely lose yourself in the haze of Hull in the night-time."

A Younger Theatre ★★★★

"Like a Saturday night that doesn’t go the way you want it, this play ends up weighing heavy on your heart. It’s not easily shaken."

Exeunt Magazine

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (2017)

'Middle Child claim on their website: “We will set fire to your expectations of what a night at the theatre can be.” Yeah, right. But they really do.'

The Telegraph ★★★★

“A wonderful expression of culture... it makes me so proud to be Northern."

Broadway World ★★★★★

‘Glorious...a raucous, riotous 75 minutes of storytelling, shot through with pop, poetry and politics'

The Stage ★★★★

"Middle Child really smash it with a superb piece of gig theatre...combines music and storytelling in an outrageously entertaining fashion"

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

'A rousing and invigorating call to arms that speaks directly to anyone trying to find their place in the world.'

WhatsOnStage ★★★★

2017 The Stage Excellence Award (Marc Graham)
2017 Broadway Bobby Award
2017 The 730 Review Best of the Best Award


I Hate Alone (2017)

"This is theatre in alternative spaces and everyone is welcome to laugh, cry and celebrate angry women ripe for anarchy."

Browse Magazine

Ten Storey Love Song (2016)

"Ten Storey Love Song may be the greatest Fringe show I’ve ever encountered... a shot of pure theatrical adrenaline"

Broadway Baby

"A high-energy, layered story that manages to squeeze a tremendous amount of heartbreak and humor into an hour and fifteen minutes... an impressive ensemble with nary a weak note"


"Loud and crude but in a good way... the cast fling themselves into their roles, making excellent physical use of a limited space... it's hard to resist its pure visceral punch"

Whats On Stage

"a surreal, and ultimately touching, glimpse into the world of these slightly lost characters"

The Stage

"A pulsating anxiety of frustrated hopes, unspoken regrets, and frantically derailing trains of thought... Formally daring, unashamedly populist and politically incendiary"

The List

Weekend Rockstars (2014 and 2016)

"Weekend Rockstars is a vibrant, fun, touching production that is gold dust for engaging young audiences in theatre."

A Younger Theatre

"What Weekend Rockstars achieves most is drilling home the camaraderie of the indie fan experience... It is about the catharsis and solace this genre of music provides for many amid life's most vicious moments."

The Guardian

"Is it a gig? Is it a storytelling piece? Is it a play? Middle Child’s account of the worst week in one man’s life is all these things and more, bringing together Luke Barnes’ beady, motoring script with James Frewer’s score and songs that conjures the grungy streets of Hull with a loving eye"

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

"Weekend Rockstars aims for, and hits, that sweet spot between gig and theatre. The room reverberates with late night energy. It’s a cocky, noisy swaggering sort of show, but it’s also unexpectedly, genuinely moving – catching you off guard, taking hold of you and twisting."

The Stage

Mercury Fur (2015)

"Bravo to the company... needless to say the hottest ticket of the year"

Michelle Dee

"Designed to make audiences feel shocked at the violence in the world, rather than at the play itself, it is, though, a reminder of how thrilling, and disturbing, theatre can be."

Hull Daily Mail

"From the very beginning I was captivated... Hull definitely needs more theatre like this."

Call Me Amy

"An electrifying experience... as authentic an experience as one could tolerate: oppressive, claustrophobic and utterly visceral"

Hull Alumni Magazine

Saturday Night & Sunday Morning (2013)

"As sharp as a punch to the gut."

Hull Daily Mail

"Middle Child’s bold retelling of the classic Alan Sillitoe novel is an in-your-face belter from start to finish."

- Michelle Dee