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Violence and Son

Book Club: Violence and Son

Middle Child at Bond 31, Hull – Fri 1 Mar

Gary Owen’s intimate 2015 play is about what parents pass on and trying to do the right thing and is one of the inspirations for Maureen Lennon’s new play, Baby, He Loves You, which we will be producing in April 2024.

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How to start an actors cooperative

Library Talk: Actors Co-operatives

Middle Child at Bond 31, Hull – Fri 1 Mar

Our latest Library Talk, led by performer Madeleine MacMahon, is for actors interested in the co-operative model to find out more about how it works, and what the benefits could be for those living and working in Hull. Come along and find out more, and perhaps start a revolution in representation in the city.

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Illustration of a white bride with blonde hair, in a white veil and dark smuged eye make-up. She is holding a glass while male hands pour champagne into the glasses, which is overflowing. The bride is also wearing a navy blue man's wedding jacket.

Baby, He Loves You

Stage@TheDock, Hull – 19-28 April

A new play by Hull writer, Maureen Lennon, that weaves together original music, aerial acrobatics and storytelling under the intense gaze of a wedding party on Stage@TheDock. Tickets on-sale from 27 February.

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Fresh Ink Hull Playwriting Festival at the Fruit Market

Fresh Ink: Hull Playwriting Festival

Fruit Market, Hull – July 2024

Fresh Ink is a new theatre festival designed to support writers from Hull to create and develop new plays in the city. Inspired by “scratch” theatre nights, the focus will be on performing early versions of new ideas to audiences and gathering feedback to support the next stages of their development.

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