Performance Checklist

Putting on a performance? Here’s what you will need:


There can be no going through the motions in panto. It needs to be upbeat, fun and silly.


You don’t have to be the best actor or singer in the world to enjoy panto, you just have to pretend that you are.

Fabulous Costumes

Time to get creative and delve deep into your wardrobes, drawers and make-up kits, to make the most fabulous DIY panto costumes you can conjure. Just don’t forget to share with us so we can see your creations.

Silly Props

Let’s get crafty! It’s the Little Mermaid, so you’ll need plenty of fantastic fish and sparkly sea creatures. We’ve written a full list of props on the next page.


We’ve put together a Spotify playlist of some of the songs in the show for you to sing along to, but why not create your own fish-themed songs from your family’s favourite tunes?

An Audience

What is a panto without an audience? You could perform to the rest of your family, or your favourite teddies. You might even be brave enough to put the show online and entertain people over the internet. The audience in this panto are known as “Ladies and gentlefish, mermen and mermaids, cockles, clams, prawns, pilchards and sea bream”. Why not spend some time showing your young ones what each of these fish look like?