Using the Script

We have made the script of our 2019 production of The Little Mermaid available to use however you please, aside from commercial performances. Below are a few suggestions, that we’ve thought of, but be as creative as you like.

Perform it

Form your own family theatre company and spend some time rehearsing the show before a big performance.

A scene a day

Spend each day working on a different scene – reading it, acting it out, making props and costumes for it, singing songs. Over two weeks you’ll have created a whole pantomime!

Read it aloud

You could read this to young ones at storytime, doing all of the voices and explaining the action.

Puppet panto

Short on actors? Cast your favourite dolls or Lego figures in a show instead.

Write your own

Why not use this script as a template to create your own pantomime, based on your favourite story? At the end of this guide we’ve added a basic template to help you get started.

Arts and crafts

You might not want to read or perform the story at all. Instead you could use it to draw some silly scenes, make some brilliant props or come up with some dance routines.