Our Panto Rules

Pantomime is an age old tradition with lots of different rules. We’ve made a list of our top ten tips to help you make your pantomime as fun as possible.

  1. The audience must always boo the baddie.
  2. We always ask the audience to do things louder a second time.
  3. Ariel is our hero and is intelligent and brave.
  4. The Dame must wear a dress.
  5. Flounder is always upbeat and hopeful.
  6. There must be a happy ending.
  7. We have to give the audience the chance to shout “It’s behind you!”, or “Oh no it isn’t!”
  8. In The Little Mermaid the fishy characters must always swim when underwater.
  9. You can never have enough glitter.
  10. Nothing is impossible. If something seems impossible, find a creative and fun solution.