Characters and Costumes

Our DIY panto can be performed by any number of people, from one to 1,000. If you have fewer people available than the number of parts listed below, then you could perform multiple roles and get creative with different hats, costumes and voices.


Our hero. A mermaid. Smart, heroic and independent. Wants to find adventure. The perfect role for a little one with big dreams.

Costume includes a mermaid tail. In our version, we used a sparkly dress that tapered out towards the bottom.

Ariel in The Little Mermaid

Steve Prince

‘ull born and bred. The cleaner of the River Humber. Likes to play act at being a Prince. Can be played by anyone with a big heart.

Costume should be something smart, but not too colourful, in contrast to the characters from under the sea. Maybe an adult’s work clothes?

Steve Prince in The Little Mermaid

Pattie Breadcake

The dame (played by a man). Ariel’s Mum. Recently appointed Queen of the Ocean, she wants to make peace with the humans. Needs to look good in a dress. A great part for Dad, Grandad, big brothers.

Costume include a voluptuous vibrant dress, or blouse and skirt combo. BIG fake boobs. And lots of sparkle – Pattie is a queen, after all.

Pattie Breadcake in The Little Mermaid

Chips Breadcake

Ariel’s sister (also played by a man). A constant disappointment to Pattie. Just wants to be loved. The role for the person who really wanted to play Pattie but didn’t look good in a dress.

Costume can be similar to Pattie, but not as sparkly, as Chips is not a queen. Big, bold colours are great, as well as a seashell bikini top.

Chips Breadcake in The Little Mermaid


Ariel’s fishy friend who is secretly in love with her. The audience’s best mate. Can be played by anyone with enthusiasm and a good smile.

Flounder oozes cool. Keep it casual with colourful trousers, t-shirt and a jacket. We made a hat with fin on it for extra fishiness.

Flounder in The Little Mermaid


The baddie, an evil sea witch desperate to be Queen of the Ocean. Give this part to whoever has the most evil laugh!

Ursula may be evil, but she can be cool and evil. Go punk with your costume, with lots of purples and blacks. You could try making your own tentacles too, by stuffing tights and hiding them under a skirt.

Ursula in The Little Mermaid

Herman Hermit

The Queen’s crab servant. Think Mr Bean with claws. Can only walk sideways. This is a good part for the most reluctant participant as they can take themselves very seriously.

Costume should be bright red, but also smart, like a butler. You could make your own claws using some gloves, or even mittens.

Herman Hermit in The Little Mermaid

Musical Mollusc

This person needs to be able to press play and pause on Spotify or YouTube, or failing that – be a whizz on the piano (or the spoons).

Costume ideas can be inspired by pianists tinkling the ivories in a posh bar or restaurant, but nothing too loud that will steal attention from Pattie and the others.

Musical Mollusc in The Little Mermaid