Here is a list of all of the props mentioned in the script. You don’t have to have all, or any, of these props. You may choose to make some, find some around the house or even mime them.

  • A shell
  • A dolphin
  • Lots of random ‘human objects’ which Ariel has collected over the years, that have probably been thrown in the river by litterbugs
  • Someone or something to play Tony the Turtle
  • A magical trident for Ursula
  • A boat with oars
  • A fishing net or bucket
  • A mug for clamomile tea
  • A book for Ariel to hold
  • A mysterious looking magical potion
  • Decorations for the beach party: beach towels, drinks with umbrellas in,
  • fancy drinking glasses

Top Tip: Getting stuck making your own props? YouTube will have lots of “How to…” videos, to help you get crafty.