Produced by Middle Child in collaboration with My Pockets
Written by Deborah Acheampong, Ellen Brammar, Maureen Lennon,
Hannah Scorer and Paul Smith

Four panto princesses retold, one hilarious animated show

December 2020. Theatres across the land are closed and four fairy tale princesses have arrived in Hull, eager to retell their stories for a modern audience. 

Step forward, Pattie Breadcake: the one queen smart and charming enough to help our heroes. The only problem? Pattie is stuck at home! 

If she’s to save Christmas this year then our favourite dame will have to go digital and travel through a major plot hole into… THE PANTOVERSE. 

Can Sleeping Beauty defeat a curse that will send her to sleep for 100 years? 
Will Maid Marian motivate her outlaws and save Sherwood Forest?
Can the Evil Queen smash the patriarchy and discover her inner beauty?
And will Cinderella shake off her loneliness to make new friends at school? 

Find out in Pattie Breadcake: Into the Pantoverse, a free, animated Christmas show, inspired by panto, to enjoy from the comfort of your own home, produced in collaboration with My Pockets.

Watch it on YouTube until midnight on Thursday 31 December.

Pattie Breadcake: Into the Pantoverse is made possible by support from the Cultural Recovery Fund.


The video includes the option to show English subtitles.

  • See our FAQ for more detailed information about this production.


Running time: 85 minutes, including multiple intervals.

Age guidance: Parental discretion. Includes panto-style innuendo, covid-19 references and themes of loneliness, missing family and friends and body image. In one instance alludes to swearing – though no swear words are heard at any point.

Radio version

We’re really excited to work with BBC Radio Humberside to broadcast this production across four mini-episodes in the run-up to Christmas, so we can bring our festive cheer to a wider audience.

Previous panto press


“As much a party as a panto”
The Stage


Sat 19 Dec – Thu 31 Dec, 2020

DIY Programme 

A montage of individual pages from the print at home programme

Print your own programme and colour it in at home! Featuring illustrations of Pattie Breadcake, Sleeping Beauty, Maid Marian, the Evil Queen and Cinderella. 

You will also find a ticket, plus instructions for making your own custard pie – important for Maid Marian’s story – and a panto-related wordsearch.

The document is laid out so that you can print it double-sided and fold it together, so all of the pages will be in the correct order.

Don’t forget to share pictures of your colouring-in and video of your custard pie throwing with us on social media! Find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @middlechildhull.

Download (PDF)

Don’t have a printer at home? We’ve uploaded all of the illustrations as images to another page, so you can save them to your phone or tablet, to colour in using any photo editing app.

Make your own custard pie

During Maid Marian’s story there is the chance to throw a custard pie in a grown-up’s face. Here’s how you make one!

You will need: 
  1. A paper plate or sponge 
  2. Shaving foam or squirty cream
  1. Hold your plate or sponge face up
  2. Fill it with foam or cream, by drawing a spiral from the outside to the middle
  3. Ask your victim to close their eyes
  4. Squash it in their face, but be gentle!

Disclaimer: This should be done in the presence of a responsible adult who is responsible for the safety of the pie chucker and their victim and the mess they make.


Pattie Breadcake – Marc Graham
Sleeping Beauty – Alicia Forde
Maid Marian – Josie Morley
Evil Queen – Alice Beaumont
Mirror – Jack Chamberlain
Cinderella – Anna Mitchelson 

Alice Beaumont - Hull Pantomime Cast
As Evil Queen
As the Mirror
As Sleeping Beauty
As Pattie Breadcake

Anna Mitchelson

As Cinderella
Josie Morley - Hull Pantomime Cast


As Maid Marian

Creative team

Paul Smith – Writer (Pattie Breadcake), director and dramaturg
Ellen Brammar – Writer (Sleeping Beauty)
Maureen Lennon – Writer (Evil Queen)
Hannah Scorer – Writer (Maid Marian)
Deborah Acheampong – Writer (Cinderella)
Natalie Young – Designer
Peter Snelling (My Pockets) – Animator
James Frewer – Composer
Ed Clarke – Sound designer
Danielle Harris – Stage manager
Matthew May – Dramaturg

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