Trans Joy with the Modest Team

By 8 August 2023Uncategorised

It seemed like only yesterday that Modest wrapped, but there’s one last treat for you.

We teamed up with a local photographer Alex Costin to capture our wonderful trans creatives involved in Modest and to explore what trans joy means to them. Trans Hull, a group who arrange social events for trans people in the city, then shared our teams’ feelings on their Instagram page and now we’d like to bring them all together into one place for you to enjoy.

“To me trans joy is feeling like I don’t give a fuck I’m walking around here having a bloody great time!”

Eliyana She/Her

Sound Designer and Music Producer

“Trans joy is finding pockets of people who are so diverse in so many ways but all share the same collective goal. Authentic self to the front!”

LJ They/Them


“Trans joy comes in many wonderful shapes and sizes and feels unique to each individual. To me trans joy is the adventure of rediscovering what it meant to be you. The exciting feeling if peeling away all the heavy perceptions that have been pushed upon you and finally being able to breathe in your own skin. To be given permission to wear what you want and like what you want, to no longer be trying to fit into someone else’s box. Because what else brings more joy than seeing people flourish?”

Jessie They/Them

Lighting Designer

“Trans joy to me, is the feeling of freeness and comfortability by being myself in the spaces outside of my home. It’s the final touches of makeup, and seeing my reflection slowly mirror who I am inside. It’s the smiles you get from across the street and the friends that hold you together, support and love you. It’s about being happy.”

Libra She/They


“Trans joy is dancing with my queer family. Being at peace. Getting by. Seeing trans sibling thrive. Trans joy is resilience.”

Luke They/Hey


“Trans joy to me is finding the confidence to live unapologetically as myself and finally felling valid. It is being seen as who I am by the people closet to me. It is finding a piece of clothing, character in a film, or lyrics in a song that you connect with, that gives you that euphoric feeling of excitement like butterflies in your stomach. It is being yourself and the journey of discovering who you are.”

Celeste They/Them

Embedded Artist

“Trans joy means taking up space unapologetically, not waiting in the wings like a thief in the night. Not avoiding life, running and hiding when faced with insurmountable odds but staying the course, finding strength and support, belief and love from friends. Really believing there is a place for you in society now and in the future.”

Michelle She/Her

Q&A host