Step into character with the cast of Modest

By 27 April 2023Shows

Music hall, theatre and drag king swagger collide as Modest brings you Elizabeth Thompson – megastar of the Victorian art scene.

Meet the cast as they step into character for the first time for a new photoshoot to promote the show.

Elizabeth Thompson

Emer Dineen in Modest

Emer Dineen is Elizabeth Thompson, the artist who shook up Victorian Britain with her war paintings and fell two votes short of becoming the first woman elected to the Royal Academy in 1879.


Jacqui Bardelang in Modest

Jacqui Bardelang is Royal Academician (RA), Millais. He’s fond of the thought of Elizabeth Thompson joining the Academy, and even more fond of himself. Jacqui also plays the role of Cora, an artist friend of Elizabeth’s.

RA One

LJ Parkinson in Modest

LJ Parkinson is RA One and gives pure mutton chop, animal magnetism. LJ also plays the role of Elizabeth’s friend, Mary.

RA Two

Fizz Sinclair in Modest

Fizz Sinclair plays RA Two and Elizabeth’s sister, suffragist poet, Alice. RA Two puts the “vituperative” in Victorian and shudders at the thought of a woman in the Academy.

RA Three

Isabel Adomakoh Young in Modest

Isabel Adomakoh Young is RA Three and Elizabeth’s friend, Frances. RA Three is the archetype Victorian nepo-baby himbo bad boy. He doesn’t know why he’s in the Academy, and nor do we.


Libra Teejay in Modest

Libra Teejay is Bessie, a teenage fan of Elizabeth, who has saved and scrimped every ha’penny they earn in the factory to see her work in the summer exhibition. Libra also plays the role of Queen Victoria.

The stunning new photos were shot by Jessica Zschorn of Studio Blue Creative at Whites Hire Studio, with costumes by Modest costume designer Terry Herfield and associate costume designer Sian Thomas.

Art direction is by Middle Child audience development manager Jamie Potter, with support from Erin Anderson and Luke Skilbeck.