The Warren launches Three Minute Monologues campaign with Middle Child

Middle Child and the Warren Youth Project are excited to reveal a new campaign to support young people in Hull to talk about mental health through theatre.

Three Minute Monologues is a year-long project sharing creative writing skills with young people to bring their work to life on stage with professional writers and actors.

It’s inspired by the Warren’s Three Minute Heroes campaign, in which young people devised lyrics for local bands to turn into songs that were then released as an album.

This new project aims to help disadvantaged young people under 25 to find their voice and express what is on their minds through a creative outlet.

A young white man in a Hull City shirt writes in a notebook

Jodie Langford, creative writing and project coordinator at the Warren, said: “A lot of young people that use the building come from a variety of complex backgrounds, most have been challenged immensely by society, education and domesticity.

“We’re really looking forward to seeing how the young people involved express themselves through creativity to improve their own mental health.

“It will also give others a better insight into the pressures young people encounter in day-to-day life.

“We’re incredibly honoured to be collaborating with Middle Child and can’t wait to see the fantastic work that comes from these inspiring sessions.”

The first series of workshops, for people aged 18-25, start on Thursday 1 September at the Warren.

Later workshops for younger writers will take place at a future date.

Middle Child will then take participants’ words and turn them into short pieces of theatre, to be performed in public in the summer of 2023.

Three Minute Monologues

Paul Smith, Middle Child artistic director, added: “We’ve been huge fans of the Warren’s brilliant work since the early days of Middle Child.

“It’s a real privilege to be working with an organisation who truly listen to young people and offer authentic and impactful opportunities every single day of the year.

“Working with them on a project of this scale and ambition is a dream for us, and we can’t wait to work together to create some electric live theatre shaped by the experiences of Hull’s young people.

“Alongside helping young people to share their thoughts on mental health issues, Three Minute Monologues will give them valuable experience of working in professional theatre and offer the chance for them to see their story being told to a live audience.”

The first six workshops run every Thursday afternoon, 2-4pm at the Warren, from 1 September until 6 October.

For more information about Three Minute Monologues, contact Jodie Langford by email or by calling 01482 218115.

Three Minute Monologues is funded by Comic Relief.