Photos from the Bond 31 Launch Party

By 17 June 2022Events

The stage: Bond 31. The questions: hard. Karaoke: painful, as per. But didn’t we have a good time!

You might have already seen our failures, but don’t fret, we still managed to capture some of your beautiful mugs having a blast at our Launch Party last Friday. Fortunately some our our attendees must have grown up back in’t day and knew their way around a disposable camera.

Officially marking the opening of our spaces for hire and our new and improved theatre library, we were delighted to finally have bodies in the space that we want people to make use of so badly.

Thank you to everyone who came down to have a look at the new HQ, especially those of you who spent some time writing down suggestions for what you would like to see take place at Bond 31 in the future. Hopefully we will be able to bring some of your ideas to life soon.

Until then, how does another quiz sound? We’ve heard you like those. A lot.

The Middle Child quiz is going to become a quarterly feature here at Bond 31 and we’ll be coming back at you this autumn to do the whole thing again. More details to come.