How to create a superhero version of yourself

By 23 March 2022Shows
A white woman with long dark hair, in lilac dungarees, yellow jumper holds a pink cape

Pick a name, choose a superpower and make a costume to light up the skies at There Should Be Unicorns in May.

There Should Be Unicorns is all about using your imagination to make the world a better place and our hero, 11-year-old Jasmine, wants to see you use yours.

In the show, Jasmine transforms into the superhero version of herself – Unicorn Girl – to take on the bullies, villains and ideas that rule her world.

Jasmine would love to see you come along, dressed as superhero versions of yourselves too.

But where to begin?

Well, Jasmine has two simple steps to follow.

Step One – Your Name

First, take the thing that you like the most -it might be an animal, or an object, or something you like doing, like climbing or cooking – and then you mix it with something you’re really good at.

Jasmine LOVES unicorns, hence why she is Unicorn Girl.

Step Two – Your Power

A unicorn’s alicorn makes them weird and not like horses – but it’s also what makes them special, because they don’t care what anyone thinks of them.

So Jasmine, as Unicorn Girl, inspires people to stop being ashamed of who they are.

What would your special superpower be?

Bonus Step – Costume

Every superhero needs a costume to disguise themselves. And look good changing the world.

Below are some videos to give you inspiration on how to make your own outfit, including capes and masks.

We’ll be capturing photographs at Stage @ The Dock, 7-8 May, so Jasmine can remember how amazing everybody looked.

We’ll also have free facepainting all weekend, from Fantastic Faces.

Let us know how you get on with your costumes and alter egos by tagging us in your photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.