Hull Artists Coronavirus Fund launches

The recent situation caused by the coronavirus has led to the closure of many venues, the cancellation of performances and exhibitions and a potentially devastating loss of income for many of those working in Hull’s creative sector. After an incredible few years for Hull’s art scene we think it’s time that we came together to show the freelancers who help to make this city so special just how much they mean to us, and help support them in difficult times.

That’s why we’ve just launched a crowdfunding campaign via GoFundMe, to raise money to support those artists who have provided us with so much joy. A donation of any size can help to ensure that Hull’s artists survive this crisis and continue making world-class work long into the future.

For context, many freelancers are about to enter into a particularly challenging time. Many artists make their living either by performance in front of groups of people, working together in rehearsals rooms or, often, by having another job to help support work.

With the oncoming disruption brought to us via the coronavirus it’s important that we bear in mind that many artists are about to be unable to work due to the closure of theatres, television and film production and the many industries that employ artists when they’re making their art such as restaurants, bars, and events.

Inspired by Middle Child associate artist Luke Barnes and his Liverpool fundraiser , we are aiming to be able to provide a minimum of 10x £200 hardship funds for any artists that cannot work during this time. These will be distributed on a first come first served basis and there will be no questions asked. If you need it, you can have it and once it’s gone it’s gone. If we make more additional money in this instance then that will also be made available. The first will be available in a month’s time when we have a better idea of how it will impact us.

Please note that no money donated as part of this fundraiser will go to Middle Child, nor will any of the money raised be used to pay those employed by Middle Child. We are merely acting as hosts of the GoFundMe page and will not profit from it in any way.

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