Support for theatre makers during the Covid-19 outbreak

We understand that the present time may be difficult to navigate for many theatre makers, especially those who are freelance, so we thought we’d try to help somewhat by sharing a list of useful resources, below.

HM Government

See the government website for official guidance on various aspects, including staying at home, travel advice and information for employers.

Arts Council England

ACE have announced their intent to compensate freelancers and individual artists for loss of earnings, as well as continue to fund NPOs and CPPs. More info will be made available in the next week or so as they confirm their plans. See their Twitter thread too.

Independent Theatre Council

The ITC are signposting people to information through their blog.

Equity briefing on financial support

The union has published a briefing to help people understand their rights to the different kinds of financial support available during the outbreak and how to claim them. This includes government benefits, plus info on people working on an Equity contract.

Exeunt Magazine

Exeunt are collating their own list, which includes some of the resources named here.

Rehab 4 Addiction

A useful guide about improving mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mutual aid Facebook groups

For those of you based in Hull, our own Jamie has started a Facebook group to facilitate mutual aid in the city, connecting people able to offer support with those in need. There is also one in Beverley, set up by She Productions. If you are based further afield, here is a list of groups across the UK.

There is also a Facebook group specific to theatre makers.


Bryony Kimmings is looking to connect people who’ve lost earnings with those who can contribute some kind of financial support. Luke Barnes, a Middle Child associate artist, has set up a crowdfunder for Liverpool-based artists.

Edit on Tuesday 17 March: Inspired by Luke, we’ve created a similar crowdfunder for Hull artists.


You may have seen us sharing our contingency plan on Twitter last week. This is already somewhat out of date, such is the speed at which things change, so we are no longer sharing that particular document.

However our emails and DMs are open if anybody would like to ask us any questions or share any concerns and we’ll help where possible.

We will also continue to share any useful info relating to theatre through our Twitter account.

Lots of love,
Middle Child