Middle Child Named A Hull Truck Supported Artist

By 27 January 2016Uncategorised

Middle Child is proud to announce the continuation of our relationship with Hull Truck theatre as one of their supported artists for 2016, alongside the likes of other Hull-based performers Silent Uproar, Bellow Theatre, Roaring Girls and Lydia Marchant.

Hull Truck theatre operates a programme of bespoke support to artists and companies whose work they find inspiring, innovative and has the potential to excite audiences.

Middle Child’s director, Paul Smith, pictured above, has also been named as an associate artist of Hull Truck theatre, alongside John Beney, Rupert Creed, Mercury Fur and Weekend Rockstar music director James Frewer, Tom Wells and Lizi Perry.

Our first production as supported artists will be Ten Storey Love Song, at Hull Truck Theatre from 2-12 March.

Further details about the programme and biographies of the supported and associate artists are available on the Hull Truck theatre website.