There Should Be Unicorns – Content Notes

Age guidance: 6+

Themes include bullying, with mentions of parental divorce and parental serious illness.

Plot summary

We want to ensure that parents and carers can make an informed decision about whether our work is suitable for children. The summary below includes spoilers but may be useful to those who prefer to know the subjects touched upon in the show.

A hype man warms up the crowd by doing call and response. The other actors help the audience to build their own superhero personas. Throughout the play our hype man introduces characters and serves as an integrated audio describer.

Jasmine, an 11 year old girl, enters the stage. She explains that her mum ran away with another man and that her dad nearly died from a serious illness, but he’s alright now and has started teaching hip hop to children.

Jasmine explains how she finds some parts of school hard, but that she recently won an art prize, which makes her feel happy. The next day though, the Headteacher asks to see her and tells her to knuckle down and concentrate more and introduces the Twins, two bullies.

The Twins find out Jasmine’s dad teaches hip hop out of the back of a truck and make fun of her for it. Jasmine reacts and is sent home by the Headteacher. Her dad finds out and raps about his time in hospital and how it led him to start teaching hip hop and look out for his community. This inspires Jasmine to stand-up to the Twins.

Back at school, Jasmine sings about kindness and wins over the Twins, then they all create a superhero character for themselves. Together they confront the Headteacher and convince him to change the school rules to help make the world a better place.

The show finishes with a song about how anyone can be a superhero and the audience are invited on stage to dance with the cast.

Last updated: 23 March 2022

If you have any questions about this production, please don’t hesitate to contact our audience development manager, Jamie Potter.