Photography Policy – There Should Be Unicorns

Middle Child Theatre Ltd will take photographs and make video recordings of audience members at There Should Be Unicorns for promotional purposes and as a visual record of the company’s performances and events.  

These images may be published but not limited to our website and/or social media accounts, including email marketing, and/or used in production or event advertising online and/or in print.  

Any photos or video taken by the company will be kept indefinitely for the above-mentioned purposes and will be stored securely.  

All audience members will be notified in advance of any planned photography or video, through pre-show ticket emails, and reminded at the box office entrance to the venue.  

If audience members do not wish for images of themselves, or their children or anybody in their care to be taken, please speak with either a member of staff from Middle Child or a HEY Volunteer, who will inform the photographer or videographer tasked with recording the event.  

Photography and short video recordings of There Should Be Unicorns taken by audience members is permitted, however we ask that people do not photograph or film other audience members without their explicit consent. 

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Jamie Potter, Middle Child audience development manager, via email.