C Venues @ Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2012

25 and British. This group has seen it all, from bust to boom and back again.

Middle Child’s debut production TWENTY FIVE follows the lives of six 25 year-olds making their way in Britain after 13 years of Labour leadership and 12 years of the Tories.

Cecil Rhodes said that “to be born English is to win first prize in the lottery of life”. Is this still the case in a country ravaged by cuts and crises?

TWENTY FIVE looks at the lives of a group of 25-year-olds battling to stay afloat and stay positive in the midst of the recession. Working at the local Wetherspoons may pay the rent, but surely there should be something more to aspire to? After inheriting a country riddled with debt, can this ‘lost generation’, raised under Thatcher, excited by Blair and abandoned by the Coalition, find a way to thrive or must they fight to simply survive?

Scott – Marc Graham
Sarah – Emma Bright
Tim – Matthew May
Jack – Mungo Arney
Chris – James Stanyer
Ruth – Elisa Nader/Ellen Brammar

Devised by the company
Directed by Paul Smith
Assistant Director – Ellen Brammar

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