Favourite piece of theatre? 
Jerusalem at the National – crazy good performance by Mark Rylance, beautiful set – just ace story telling!

Favourite Middle Child moment? 

Too many to choose – the feeling after getting our first funding bid through for Apples was pretty sweet. 

Favourite writers? 

Donna Tartt. The Secret History is brill.

Favourite album? 
Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers. I used to do my paper round to it.

Favourite book? 
Tintin – not exactly what you were after, but I love graphic novels (although it probably doesn’t really count as a graphic novel).

Favourite film? 
Apollo 13: Space + Tom Hanks = result.

What do you love about Hull? 

That people, by and large, have the right priorities in life.

​What else do you outside Middle Child? 

I play table tennis in Hull’s league. I’m pretty good #leftiesrule