Matthew is a founder member of Middle Child and his appearances for them include Dave in Modern Life is Rubbish, Tim in 25 and most recently Alan Blunt in Ten Storey Love Song. He has also appeared at the New Diorama as Gaz in Pig and has been a guest lecturer for the University of Hull.


Favourite piece of theatre? 
I can’t remember being more affected by a play than by Violence & Son so I’d have to say that. It felt like being physically hit and I think that having that sort of reaction to theatre is rare and to be treasured.

Favourite Middle Child moment? 
Getting arrested for attempting to kidnap Middle Child’s own Marc Graham and Ed Cole will be a whole chapter in my autobiography so probably that. Though watching Apples and Weekend Rockstars were incredibly proud moments.

Favourite writers? 
Well both the Gary Owen show’s I’ve seen were incredible so he’s in. Luke Barnes but don’t for Christ’s sake let him read this. Kate Tempest is great. As well as classic writers like Arthur Miller, who was a genius, and his contemporary Lillian Hellman.

Favourite album? 
I don’t think I’ve had a favourite album since I was about 6, (when it was Dangerous by Michael Jackson.) So here’s a list of albums I’ve listened to loads in the last 12 months: I Love You, Honeybear, Father John Misty; Different Class, Pulp; Lateness of Dancers, Hiss Golden Messenger; Rumours, Fleetwood Mac; Nice Nice, Very Nice, Dan Mangan; Close Enough, The TinyAll worth a listen.

Favourite book? 
Again loads, but the one book I read about once a year is A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. It’s a bit out of date now but I still love to catch up with how amazing our journey to get to this point in time is.

Favourite film? 
Jurassic Park, because it’s the best.

What do you love about Hull? 
The pubs, the skyline (look up, Hull is beautiful,) the river, the lifestyle.

​​What else do you outside Middle Child? 
Play football (badly). Play squash (badly). Teach swimming, support the greatest team in the world – the mighty Spurs – and occasionally go for a drink.