Out Loud: 1988 and Shit Life Crisis

Middle Child and Silent Uproar present a showcase for new writers to see early drafts of their plays performed for the first time.

These short performances featured professional actors reading script-in-hand to a small, friendly audience in the Middle Child rehearsal space, Hull.

1988 by Hannah Scorer

In 1988 two young women fall in love with each other and the idea of changing the world. Motivated by the horrors of Section 28, they find themselves pushed apart as one tries to fight the system by becoming part of it and the other takes an increasingly radical route.

Shit Life Crisis by Olivia Hannah

Grace has beaten cancer, but she doesn’t feel like a winner. As she holds a memorial for her best friend, Abbie, who helped her through the illness, Grace reveals all the ways in which chemo saved her life by tearing it apart, and questions whether what’s left was worth saving at all.

  • Olivia Hannah came through Silent Uproar’s Making Trouble programme


Middle Child, Hull

28-29 July 2023


Jade Farnill and Elle Ideson in 1988.

Sarah Penney and Unique Spencer in Shit Life Crisis. Photos by Anete Sooda.