Jodie Langford introducing the Three Minute Monologues at Social as part of Freedom Festival

Photo: Jason Shipley

Three Minute Monologues

Presented as part of Freedom Festival 2023, produced by the Warren Youth Project and funded by Comic Relief.

A creative project combining the voices of young people with local scriptwriters to make new and exciting live theatre, covering subjects like relationships, mental health and pesky recurring haemorrhoids.

Over the course of a year, young people at the Warren Youth Project in Hull took part in creative writing workshops, led by Jodie Langford, to share their thoughts and feelings on a range of issues related to their mental health.

Their work was then anonymised and shared with Middle Child, who commissioned four writers – Kerrie L Marsh, Maureen Lennon, Sarah Penney, and Jim Norris – to turn them into monologues. These were then performed by professional actors as part of the 2023 Freedom Festival in Hull, peppered with live music from artists signed to Warren Records.


A List Of All The People More Fucked Than Me

By Maureen Lennon

What’s the sweetest present on your birthday? Retribution. Armed with balloons, Colin the Caterpillar, and rage, a teenage girl goes on the rampage during a school trip to The White House.

The Secret Diary of Robyn Nobreast: Notes from an Oddbod

By Kerrie L Marsh

Nobody is truly happy with what they see when they look in the mirror. There are things we’d all like to change about ourselves. Robyn is no different. So why is Robyn’s mum so outraged by it? And why can’t Robyn tell their dad? Have a sneak peek at some notes from an oddbod and find out!

Life, It’s The Best!

By Jim Norris

Quinn is humanity’s super fan, except, you know, he’s dead. Well, sort of. But he has a report to give about humans and he’s super exited and it doesn’t matter at all if he’s never lived, does it?


By Sarah Penney

Chloe can’t sleep. Chloe has ADHD. As she tries to settle her brain into night-time, she chats about Bagpuss, Teletubby dreams and why she wishes she had more faith in just being OK.


31 August 2023

63 Humber Street

The Young People

Photos: Mike Pinches

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