After attending the University of Hull James completed the MA course at East 15. After a few years of working and knocking about in London he was lucky enough to be involved in the set up and creation of Middle Child. Since moving to Hull James has had the pleasure of working in a number of roles with Middle Child, including most recently as Chris in All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, as well as working as a Creative Consultant for the likes of the British Red Cross.

He is now also an Artistic Associate for Silent Uproar, another Hull-based theatre company.


Favourite piece of theatre? 
Iphigenia In Splott. Vibrant and real. It felt like it was 10min long and made me sit down and assess my life choices after… What else do you want from theatre?

Favourite Middle Child moment? 
Police being called to one of our “real world improvs”.

Favourite writers? 
Laura Wade and Mark O’Rowe 

Favourite album? 
Jurassic 5 – Power in Numbers. Instantly relatable pure hip hop without the fake bling and character of a lot of modern stuff.

Favourite book? 
Anything by Philip. K. Dick, his ability to create characters and whole worlds in his short stories is amazing. Oh and Incompetence by Rob Grant. Read it.

Favourite film? 
A Bridge Too Far. A rip-roaring epic that tells the tragedy of war.

What do you love about Hull? 
The sense of community and how cheap everything is. It has spirit without the ego.

​​What else do you outside Middle Child? 
I’m in the Army Reserve, gives me a bit of real life grounding… and I get to jump out of planes.