Call out for scripts

We are currently closed for submissions of scripts but will be open again soon. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates.

If you’re interested in working with us to make a piece of gig theatre, we would love to see the first 10 pages of an original script or a one page treatment with a sample scene.


You can either send work written specifically for this call out or pre-existing work, but please consider the following guidelines.

The work we are looking to commission must:

  • Include live music at its heart

  • Be completely original (no adaptations or reworkings of classics)

  • Be written for between 3 and 5 performers

We are particularly interested in work which:

  • Is set in, or relevant to, the North of England

  • Tells ‘untold’ stories

  • Passes the Bechdel test and features female characters who do not exist purely in relation to male characters

  • Acknowledges its audience in this space at this time

  • Prioritises theatre as a social event – bringing people together for a good night out with big ideas in it

  • Reflects the diversity of the country


There are a number of strands of work for which we are seeking writers, from full-length and under 70 minute plays to short play festivals and longer-term seed commissions.