​For Middle Child Sophie has appeared as Ellen in Ten Storey Love Song, Rox-z in Billy with his Boots On, Doreen and Em’Ler in Saturday Night Sunday Morning and Eve in Apples. Sophie Joined Middle Child after graduating from the University of Hull in 2011.


Favourite piece of theatre?
Ipheginia in Splott

Favourite Middle Child moment?
Apples! It was my first production after joining Middle Child and the whole thing was just amazing from start to finish!

Favourite writers?
Literature: Sharon Bolton
Theatre: Luke Barnes/ Tom Wells
Music: Michael Jackson

Favourite album?
Michael Jackson Thriller album
(but all albums really)

Favourite book?
Room/The Help

Favourite film?
Pans Labyrinth/True Lies

What do you love about Hull?
All the hidden little gems, GO EXPLORE!… And cheesy chip wraps with chip spice.

What else do you do outside Middle Child?
I do Kickboxing and usually wrestle Marc