Signal Fires: Our Futures –
Content notes

We want to ensure that we do not cause distress among our audiences because of the content of our work. The summary below includes information on the subjects touched upon in each piece.

Age guidance: 16+

Part One

I Hope The Future Looks Like My Mum by Maureen Lennon

A story of the main character and her mum attending various protests, before having to keep their distance in the present day. Includes strong language and touches on Covid-19, as well as other long-term illness.

To Rage by Nastazja Somers

Three characters discuss the cost of revolution and the feeling of rage. Includes references to violence and bodily harm, plus themes of isolation.

Tiny Radical Promises To You, You and You by Luke Barnes

A character makes promises to three different people. Themes include death and loss, isolation, use of alcohol and drugs and references to sex.

Hope For My Daughter by Ellen Brammar

A mother shares her hopes for her daughter’s future. Themes include anxiety for the future and motherhood and parenting during Covid-19.

Part Two

Barbie Smile by Lydia Marchant

A woman performs stand up comedy for the first time to overcome performance anxiety. Themes include mental ill health; it also includes strong language and references to alcohol and drug use.

My Radical Future by Daniel Ward

Three people try to make sense of the crisis: one through exercise, one mourns the loss of work and the impact on their career and one struggles to write creatively. Includes strong language and themes of loss and death.

My Radical Future by Rachael Abbey

A character asks us what we really need and how we be good.

Lentils by Tom Wells

A character talks about going to Tesco during the pandemic, before and after having Coronavirus. Includes strong language and themes of health anxiety and long-term illness.