Ellen has been with Middle Child from the beginning. Her Middle Child appearances include When You Cure Me (Rachel), Apples (Claire), Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (Brenda).


Favourite piece of theatre? 
Violence & Son. left with a headache and feeling sick.  Sounds bad but it was just so affecting.

Favourite Middle Child moment? 
Apples. The whole experience was so much fun and we really began to work out what Middle Child were… and it was first time we got paid.

Favourite writers? 

Gary Owen and Jack Thorne

Favourite album? 
Controversially I don’t really listen to albums so can’t pick a favourite!  So I have chosen my favourite podcast at the moment… Guilty Feminist. I’m so happy this is in my life. My not at all guilty pleasure.

Favourite book? 
Too difficult to pick just one…
To Kill a Mockingbird
A Thousand Splendid Suns
Harry Potter 
(3 and 7 are the best)

How to be a Woman

Favourite film? 
Stand By Me
Shutter Island
Toy Story Trilogy

What do you love about Hull? 
The Marina
The Humber (especially on a sunny day)

The tunnel at the Deep (the lift is good too)

​​What else do you outside Middle Child? 
Yoga, cooking, baking. I’m also learning to play chess and (very soon) tap dance.  I have very recently started writing… still so new that I have no idea what I’m doing (it could be crap.)