Come inside the Theatre Library

Bonds and books! Come inside our new Theatre Library opening alongside our new spaces down at Middle Child HQ.

As many of you will know by now, we are opening up our spaces inside the Middle Child office to you all next week. As part of our grand opening on Tuesday, we are thrilled to share with you our new and improved Theatre Library. 

Middle Child has always aspired to be a company that builds artists alongside building art and part of this process is finding ways to inspire you. Our shelves are chock full of brilliance, and we invite you to find something here; an idea, solace, friends.  

We’re going to operate like your standard library. Come down to see us and we’ll get anyone living within a HU postcode signed up with a library card, and then you can check out free texts as you please. 

The library features multiple desk and reading spaces with a small reading stage as well as a patio overlooking the water – for when the sun finally remembers it’s summer. 

We want Bond 31 to be a place of community and welcome you with open arms to share what we have built. We’ll be starting fresh with a new Facebook group for library users to join and chat and get to know one another.  

The always amazing volunteers at HEY! Volunteering will be here to assist you with signing up to the library and checking books out. Want to see what is on our shelves before you come down? Have a look over our catalogue. 

We’re also inviting some of the friends and associates of Middle Child to highlight the works in our collection that are special to them for one reason or another. Every week we will feature a new play from our selection of Plays That Matter to Me displayed here on site alongside a personal message from the person themselves.  

The Theatre Library will be open weekly from Tuesday 14 June operating on Tuesday mornings 10am-1pm and Friday afternoons 2pm-5pm.