There Should Be Unicorns: Rehearsal diary three

By 20 May 2022Blog

Spotted: A parade of colourful superheroes dancing to funky hip-hop tunes down by the Humber! 

Faster than we could boo Mr. English, tech rehearsals were here. The sets made, the props gathered, the tracks complete, scripts memorised, and all we had left to do was everything. 

What was formerly strewn across our rehearsal space in Princes Quay, our office in old town and a workshop between the big road and the station was now all together, in front of us at Stage @TheDock.

Much like ourselves a month prior, the ability to see everything together in one space was long awaited and we could now begin to finish the job we started what felt like so long ago.  

The purpose of technical rehearsals is to bring together all the elements of a production and see how they work together in the performance space. This means testing microphones and sound levels, alongside costume and set changes. 

Tech can usually be a bit more complex than it was this time round. Given There Should Be Unicorns is an outdoor show we had things like weather to think about, rather than the usual lighting.

It is a period in which to troubleshoot any issues that arise – like a unicorn onesie pulling shoes off that need to stay on during a quick change or figuring out a scene change is actually too long to perform with all the extra stage room.  

Rather than adapting the performance, this is about adapting to the spaces the performance takes place in. We were able to build and use the climbing frames that had only existed in concept until this point.  

The production becomes wider, and with every change more ready to the welcome the audience.  

Once every scene had been tried and tested in tech, there was only one thing left to do – a dress rehearsal! A once through the whole show in costume, no stopping, no notes, no breaks.  

Our tight schedule meant that we only had the one chance to get this dress rehearsal right before opening weekend. A few passers-by stopped to watch as this play came together for the first time as one cohesive piece.  

Only to do it all again tomorrow! 

Now down to a fine art, the tech was set up, the stage was set, and face painting table popped up in the back to start getting people out of Hull and straight into Jasmine’s imagination.  

You lovely people all came down in your droves and costumes to watch this thing, and to each and every one of you that did THANK YOU!!!! 

Thank you to cast, crew, creatives and crowd alike because this show could not have come to fruition without a single one of you.  

There Should Be Unicorns will be touring in England this summer, with Brighton Festival and Hull 1.0 already ticked off the list!  

Keep an eye out to see dates for Hat Fair and Freedom Festival… and maybe some others if you’re lucky.