There Should Be Unicorns: Rehearsal diary two

By 5 May 2022Blog

There Should Be Unicorns! The past few weeks have seen rehearsals intensify for everyone at Middle Child as the premiere at Hull’s Stage @TheDock gets closer and closer.  

After getting to grips with all the music in week one of rehearsals, the cast were able to bring Luke Barnes’ script off the page and start the process of staging.  

Staging is the operation of building up the components of a production. Movement director, Ryan Harston, began working with co-directors Maureen Lennon and Paul Smith to begin choreographing all the movement that will take place when There Should Be Unicorns is finally on the stage.  

Working with the set pieces, designed by Natalie Young, the cast had the ability to embody their characters and begin practicing their scenes together.  

The various set pieces have been delivered over to the Middle Child rehearsal space as they were made and ready for painting in a myriad of bright colours. Stage management and crew began working on colourising this vision, along with sourcing and fixing up all costumes and props needed in the show.  

The set is made up of boxes of all shapes and sizes that work as interchangeable set pieces for the different environments of the play. They change shape to become the walls and furniture of our heroine Jasmine’s bedroom and school. 

In fact, the set got so big we outgrew our building! 

Moving over to a unit in Princes Quay shopping centre – boxes in tow – the new rehearsal space had all the room we needed to hone the performance and get the show closer to being ready every single day.  

This began by running each scene individually to figure out the ins and outs of each sequence, and eventually led up to going through the entire show from beginning to end. This process is repeated in various fashions right up until show day to fine-tune and refine the production to perfection. 

Co-composers James Frewer and Kobby Taylor worked alongside each other arranging the final tracks and adding the finishing details to all the music and sound of the show.  

Basically, things are wrapping up here! The show is almost ready to welcome lovely audiences dressed up in their superhero costumes and dancing along with the characters.  

Technical rehearsals are set to go ahead just days prior to the shows premiere in Hull. This will set the cast and crew up to not only bring the fun to Hull, but also to gear it up for its festival tour this summer.  

We can’t wait to see you there!